Making plans and finishing things...

For those interested (get a life people!) I thought I'd document a few things that are near completion and a few things that are happening this year. 

Album - it's taken a while but my next album is close. It features so many great Aussie musicians that it will be worthy of its own separate post in the near future. 

PhD - getting into the creative phase now and will be working on a number of short videos demonstrating my concepts. Some may make it online before publication, we'll see. Got some good footage of gigs and sessions in the studio that will be up soon too. Lots of inspiration at the moment, just got to catch the lightning. 

Teaching - I've created a page on my site called jazzguitarhub where I have started uploading some guitar education videos. Just a few for the moment but more to come. I decided to shoot the first few in serene, picturesque locations because I find so many guitar videos so boring! These ones are probably boring too. At least this novelty might distract you temporarily! I consider them supporting resources for my face-to-face students rather than actual lessons. I'll continue to add them throughout the year so contact me if you'd like to suggest something. I'm also enjoying all my work at ANU. Watch this space! Jazz is back!

Recording - things are kicking off again at Hihat studios and we've been recording and mixing some great projects. Keep an eye out for the new Hammond organ that will be living at the studio. It's a great place to record. 

That's just a taste for the moment. More to come, especially in the lessons and education space. Keep practicing and listening hard, and don't eat greasy foods with your picking hand... Best, G. 

#jazzguitar #ANU #Hihatstudios #lessons #music

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